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Promoting the Disarmament and Non-Proliferation of Arms Agenda

We are committed to advancing the disarmament and non-proliferation of arms agenda. Recognizing the devastating impact that arms proliferation and armed conflict have on global peace and security, our initiatives focus on reducing the spread of weapons and promoting a culture of peace and safety worldwide.

We envision a world where communities are free from the threat of armed violence and the destructive impact of arms proliferation. By promoting disarmament and non-proliferation, we aim to create a safer, more secure world for current and future generations.


1. Advocacy and Policy Reform
We advocate for robust policies and international agreements that promote disarmament and prevent the proliferation of weapons. Our efforts aim to influence policy at both national and international levels.

Policy Advocacy: Engaging with governments and international bodies to promote and implement effective disarmament policies.

International Agreements: Supporting the negotiation and implementation of treaties and conventions aimed at arms control and non-proliferation.


2. Public Awareness and Education
We conduct public awareness campaigns and educational programs to inform communities about the dangers of arms proliferation and the importance of disarmament.

Awareness Campaigns: Utilizing media, public events, and digital platforms to raise awareness about the impact of arms proliferation.

Educational Programs: Developing curricula and workshops for schools, universities, and community groups to educate on disarmament and non-proliferation issues.


3. Research and Analysis
We carry out and support research to provide evidence-based insights into arms proliferation trends and the effectiveness of disarmament initiatives.


Publications: Producing reports, policy briefs, and articles that highlight key findings and recommendations.

Data Collection: Compiling and analyzing data on arms transfers, stockpiles, and disarmament efforts to inform policy and practice.

4. Community Engagement and Support
We work directly with communities affected by armed violence, providing support and resources to promote disarmament at the grassroots level.

Local Initiatives: Supporting community-led disarmament projects and initiatives.


Victim Assistance: Providing aid and support to individuals and communities impacted by armed conflict and violence.

5. Global and Regional Collaboration
We foster international and regional cooperation to enhance the effectiveness of disarmament and non-proliferation efforts.

Conferences and Forums: Organizing and participating in global and regional events that bring together stakeholders to discuss and advance the disarmament agenda.

Partnerships: Building alliances with organizations, governments, and institutions committed to arms control and disarmament.

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For Individuals
Join our campaigns and educational programs to become an advocate for disarmament and non-proliferation. Your voice can make a difference in creating a safer world.

For Partners
Collaborate with us to amplify our impact. We welcome partnerships with organizations, governments, and institutions dedicated to promoting disarmament and preventing arms proliferation.

For Donors
Support our initiatives to help us expand our reach and effectiveness. Your contributions can directly impact our efforts to reduce arms proliferation and promote global peace and security.


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