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Advancing Drug Policy Reform for a Healthier World

We are committed to advocating for progressive drug policies that prioritize harm reduction, public health, and human rights. Our work focuses on promoting evidence-based approaches to drug policy reform, with the aim of creating safer communities and reducing the harms associated with drug use.

We envision a world where drug policies are based on compassion, health, and human rights rather than punitive measures. By advocating for reform, we strive to reduce stigma, promote access to treatment, and improve the overall well-being of individuals and communities affected by drug use.


1. Advocacy for Policy Change
We advocate for legislative and regulatory changes that prioritize harm reduction, decriminalization, and access to treatment and support services for individuals who use drugs.

Decriminalization: Advocating for the decriminalization of drug use and possession, redirecting resources towards health-focused responses rather than criminalization.

Harm Reduction: Promoting harm reduction strategies such as needle exchange programs, safe consumption sites, and access to naloxone to prevent overdose deaths and reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Access to Treatment: Advocating for increased access to evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and counseling services.

2. Public Awareness and Education
We conduct public awareness campaigns and educational programs to reduce stigma and increase understanding of substance use disorders and harm reduction strategies.

Stigma Reduction: Challenging stigma and discrimination against individuals who use drugs through education and advocacy.

Education Programs: Providing educational resources to communities, schools, and healthcare providers on the risks of drug use and the benefits of harm reduction approaches.

3. Research and Data Analysis
We support research and data collection efforts to inform evidence-based drug policies and practices.

Policy Analysis: Conducting research and analysis on the impact of current drug policies and the effectiveness of alternative approaches.

Data Collection: Collecting and analyzing data on drug use trends, overdose rates, and the effectiveness of harm reduction interventions to inform policy decisions.

4. Community Engagement and Support
We work directly with communities affected by drug use to provide support and resources for harm reduction and treatment.

Peer Support: Facilitating peer support programs for individuals who use drugs to reduce isolation and promote access to resources.

Community Outreach: Engaging with community organizations and leaders to address local drug-related issues and advocate for policy change.

5. Global Collaboration
We collaborate with international partners to promote drug policy reform and harm reduction strategies on a global scale.

International Advocacy: Participating in global forums and initiatives to advocate for evidence-based drug policies and harm reduction approaches.

Capacity Building: Building the capacity of organizations and governments to implement effective drug policies and harm reduction programs.

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Get Involved

For Individuals

Join our advocacy campaigns and support our educational initiatives to help promote drug policy reform and harm reduction in your community.

For Partners

Collaborate with us to strengthen our advocacy efforts and expand our reach. We welcome partnerships with organizations, governments, and institutions committed to progressive drug policies.

For Donors

Support our work financially to help us continue advocating for evidence-based drug policies and harm reduction strategies. Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities affected by drug use.


We are a consultancy about drugs. Our social justice-based approach aims to ensure equity in the psychoactive industry by promoting the participation of communities marginalized by the war on drugs.

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