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Promoting the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda

We are committed to advancing the Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) agenda. Recognizing the crucial role that young people play in peacebuilding and security, our initiatives aim to empower youth, foster inclusive participation, and build resilient communities. Our comprehensive approach encompasses advocacy, capacity building, and creating platforms for meaningful engagement.We envision a world where young people are active leaders and stakeholders in peace and security processes. By promoting the YPS agenda, we strive to create environments where youth voices are heard, their rights are protected, and their potential is realized in contributing to sustainable peace and development.


1. Youth Leadership and Capacity Building

We provide training and development programs that equip young people with the skills and knowledge needed to lead peace and security initiatives. Our workshops, seminars, and online courses cover areas such as conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, and leadership.

Workshops and Seminars: Interactive sessions that offer practical skills in peacebuilding and conflict management.


Online Courses: Accessible, self-paced learning modules on various aspects of the YPS agenda.


Leadership Programs: Intensive programs designed to nurture young leaders in the peace and security sector.


2. Advocacy and Awareness

We work to amplify the voices of young people in policy dialogues and decision-making processes. Our advocacy efforts focus on integrating the YPS agenda into national and international policies.


Policy Dialogues: Facilitating discussions between youth and policymakers to ensure that youth perspectives are included in peace and security strategies.

Campaigns: Public awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of youth involvement in peacebuilding.


3. Youth-Led Projects

We support and fund youth-led initiatives that contribute to peace and security in their communities. These projects range from local peacebuilding activities to regional collaborations.


Grant Programs: Providing financial support for innovative youth-led peace projects.


Mentorship: Connecting young peacebuilders with experienced mentors for guidance and support.


4. Research and Documentation

We conduct and support research to build a robust evidence base on the role of youth in peace and security. This includes documenting best practices, case studies, and the impact of youth-led initiatives.


Publications: Producing reports, articles, and policy briefs on the YPS agenda.


Research Collaborations: Partnering with academic institutions and research organizations to explore new insights.


5. Global and Regional Platforms

We create opportunities for young people to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on peace and security issues.

Conferences and Forums: Hosting events that bring together young leaders from around the world to discuss and advance the YPS agenda.

Networking Opportunities: Facilitating connections between youth organizations, activists, and peacebuilders.


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Join our programs and become part of a global movement of young peacebuilders. Whether you are interested in leadership training, advocacy, or starting your own project, we have resources and support to help you change the world.


Collaborate with us to enhance the impact of the YPS agenda. We welcome partnerships with organizations, institutions, and governments committed to empowering youth and promoting peace and security.


Support our initiatives and help us expand our reach. Your contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of young peacebuilders and the communities they serve.


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