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Community consultation on the legal status of the coca leaf, CND 2024
The Community Consultation on the Legal Status of the Coca Leaf is a collaborative effort between Ágora, ENCOD and FDM that seeks to provide input towards the next critical review to be carried out by the WHO. This initiative brings together actors from diverse backgrounds to engage in open dialogue, share knowledge, and develop community-led policy recommendations.

The coca leaf has significant cultural, economic and political importance in Latin America, closely linked to indigenous traditions and livelihoods. However, it also presents challenges due to its association with the illegal drug trade. Recognizing the complexity of this issue, the consultation seeks to explore potential solutions that balance cultural preservation, law enforcement and public health concerns.

The recording of the consultation held during the 67th session of the CND is available here for viewing. This recording captures the discussions, the diverse perspectives shared during the event. We also drafted a document containing our public policy recommendations, which we will be addressing to decision makers, particularly within the World Health Organization. Consult and subscribe to our recommendations here:

We invite individuals, organizations and decision-makers interested in understanding and addressing the challenges associated with the coca leaf to view the session and participate in further dialogue and action on this important topic. Together, we can work toward reconciliatory and responsible approaches to the cultivation and use of sacred plants, including the coca leaf.
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