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Strengthening Institutions for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

We are committed to strengthening institutions at all levels to promote sustainable development, enhance decision-making processes, and foster social responsibility. Our work focuses on empowering organizations, companies, and public institutions to adopt evidence-based policies and practices that contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

We envision a world where institutions are effective, transparent, and accountable, working towards the common good and promoting the well-being of all individuals and communities. By strengthening institutions, we aim to create a more just and sustainable society for present and future generations.


1. Enhancing Decision-Making Mechanisms

We work to improve decision-making processes within institutions to ensure they are transparent, inclusive, and evidence-based.


Policy Advocacy: Advocating for the adoption of policies and practices that promote transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in decision-making.


Capacity Building: Providing training and resources to institutions to enhance their capacity for evidence-based policy-making and strategic planning.

2. Reform of the UN Security Council

We support efforts to reform the UN Security Council to make it more representative, accountable, and effective in addressing global challenges.


Advocacy for Reform: Advocating for reforms that increase the representation of diverse voices and perspectives in the Security Council.


Research and Analysis: Conducting research and analysis on the current functioning of the Security Council and proposing concrete reform recommendations.

3. Promoting Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We collaborate with companies to help them adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices that benefit society and the environment.


Corporate Engagement: Engaging with companies to develop and implement sustainability strategies, including environmental conservation, fair labor practices, and community engagement.


Internationalization Asistance: Supportng companies in their efforts to expand internationally while adhering to ethical and sustainable practices.

4. Supporting Evidence-Based Policy-Making

We work with public institutions to help them adopt evidence-based policies and implement social projects that address the needs of their communities.


Policy Analysis: Conducting research and analysis to inform policy-making processes and ensure policies are based on solid evidence.


Project Implementation: Providing support and guidance to public institutions in the implementation of social projects that have a positive impact on their communities.

5. Empowering Social Movements

We support the growth and advocacy efforts of social movements to promote social justice, human rights, and environmental protection.


Capacity Building: Providing training and resources to social movements to enhance their advocacy skills and organizational capacity.


Strategic Support: Offering strategic support to social movements to help them achieve their goals and create meaningful change in society.

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For Institutions

Partner with us to strengthen your organization's capacity for evidence-based policy-making, strategic planning, and sustainable practices.

For Companies

Collaborate with us to develop and implement sustainability strategies that benefit your company, the environment, and society.

For Public Institutions

Work with us to adopt evidence-based policies and implement social projects that have a positive impact on your community.

For Social Movements

Join forces with us to grow your movement, advocate for social change, and make a difference in the world.


We are a consultancy about drugs. Our social justice-based approach aims to ensure equity in the psychoactive industry by promoting the participation of communities marginalized by the war on drugs.

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