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Conferencias y talleres
UN Convention against Corruption

Our active participation in the United Nations Convention against Corruption (COSP) has been key to addressing the intersection between corruption and the global drug problem. In 2023, we carried out a side event during COSP titled “Corruption and the Global Drug Problem: Two Converging Paths”. This special event featured different perspectives, from the Philippines and the drug situation in Southeast Asia, to Mexico and Nigeria. The event began with a brief summary of “A National Study on Drug-Related Crimes and Corruption in the Philippines: Finding the Nexus that Connects the Dots.” This study shed light on the connection between drug trafficking and corruption, and how they reinforce each other, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. The drug situation in Mexico and how there are alternative means to address it, including legal regulation, were highlighted. The overall drug situation in Southeast Asia and how corruption is a driving factor was highlighted. Finally, the underlying causes underlying the drug situation in Nigeria were elaborated, to point out that this challenge does not occur in a vacuum.

This event provided an important platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences on how to more effectively address corruption in the context of the world drug problem. We highlight the need to adopt comprehensive and evidence-based approaches to address these interrelated challenges, recognizing that corruption and drugs are complex problems that require concerted responses at the international level. Our participation in the COSP will continue to focus on promoting policies and practices that effectively address corruption in the drug context, thereby contributing to a broader dialogue on integrity and governance at the international level.

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