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Program on youth, gender and peacebuilding

Our work privileges key populations. We are increasing the participation of historically marginalized populations in community projects, in public policymaking, and in the media.


This project aims to empower underrepresented communities by giving them the opportunity to participate in international conferences and shape global policies. Our fund upholds the principle that everyone deserves a voice in global debates, and we strive to create an inclusive and equitable platform for key populations to express their views and share their experiences.

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Strengthening CSOs

We empower CSOs to play a more effective role in promoting equity, social justice and positive change. Through training programs, strategic advice and financial resources, this project is improving the operational and advocacy capabilities of human rights organizations. By strengthening these institutions, we are increasing their impact and contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Young people in the elections

We promote collaboration between young people who are running for, or are in, positions of popular representation and decision-making, involving them in peace-building and conflict resolution processes . We use digital tools to promote informed voting, human rights and citizen participation

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